Replacement Shakes


Meal replacement shakes have been around for awhile now.  The reason for their popularity is that they are fast and easy to prepare. However, all meal replacement/protein shakes are not the same. For the longest time, people just referred to them as meal replacements because nobody understood the importance of PROTEIN.  Lean, nutrient dense whey protein is THE MOST important macronutrient your body needs to transform your body from fat to fit(lean muscle) Without lean protein, you will experience low energy and weight gain.  Your body needs lean protein to fuel your body( give it energy) and burn fat.  Bottom line.

I use Isagenix protein shakes because they are all natural, nutrient dense, undentured whey protein from grass fed cows in New Zealand.  The shakes also contain inactive enzyme which helps your body digest the protein easily.  Unlike other shakes, these do not contain anything  artificial, nor do they contain, lactose, and are gluten free.

The shakes are also available in Dairy Free, made from pea protein

Try a shake the next time you’re in the studio.  It has changed my life as well as many other members. Just ask Kelly Lockyer, Rachele Pace, Vanessa Conlin, Ashley Phan, Brittany Jennings just to name a few who’s lives have been transformed.  You will change your body composition, you will never miss a meal and you”ll actually save yourself some money too!

John Torres