Members of the Month, April 2019!


We are proud to announce our Members of the Month for April 2019! Mother and Daughter duo, Mary and Florette Pursell!

What motivates you to work out? 

Mary: I feel healthier after working out. It helps to keep me on track with eating healthier as well. It reduces stress and increases my energy level.

Florette: It just puts me in the right frame of mind everyday and it’s a total stress reliever when work/ school get overwhelming!

What brought you to workout at JodiFIT?

Mary: My friend Lisa Gerzabek told me about boxing class which motivated me to come to JodiFIT. I loved the group workouts.

Florette: I watched my mom go to JodiFIT 3-4 x a week and make real lifestyles changes. It encouraged me to want to do the same.

What are your fitness goals and how have they been met since working out @ JodiFIT 

Mary: I want to reach my goal weight and continue to strengthen my core.

Florette: I want to feel healthy and confident in my body again. I want to be excited to try on clothes. I’ve already seen the lbs starting to disappear thanks to JodiFIT :)

What do you like most about JodiFIT? 

Mary: Jodi and the other instructors push you to work your hardest and stay on plan but in an encouraging and realistic way.

Florette: accountability!!! It’s real!! Having Jodi as a “check in” point keeps me dedicated and motivated throughout the week. All of the instructors are also so supportive.

Why is working out important to you? 

Mary: I want to live a long and active life. When I feel better about myself I handle challenges better. Workouts with my daughter also motivates me to keep up with her.. as best I can... and I don’t mind when she laughs at me :)

Florette: I think my mom answered this perfectly. I feel better physically, emotionally, and mentally when I’m eating clean and working out. I’m able to do my best in all areas of my life when I feel good about myself... life is too short to not live it to your full potential!

John Torres